Perhaps it's the present work that needs to be shown; as summing up almost 60 years of professional visual activity is dauting and exhausting to view in toto.


All have been autobiographical alluding to place, circumstances (physical and mental) and interests. Earliest exhibited works (1962-1972) were oils, watercolors, plastic sculptures incorporating lights and mixed media. The first use of discarded (salvaged) materials was in 1974 and continues with the works presented here. 

For more art and history online:

mastering a life video

recent art work 2021
fabric & paper...
a sampling...

fabric 2018

wood, fabric, prints 2019

foam core, fabric, prints 2020

wood, fabric, prints, paint foam core 2016

Harmonious Convergence no.2  2010

digital print fabric, embroidery 

 @ moon and dove gallery

represented exclusively

in the southwest@

moon & dove gallery

corrales, new mexico

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