"The current works developed from a guided intuitive position."

      Linda Vi Vona’s decades long career has been dedicated to creating innovative, critically acclaimed work in a variety of two and three dimensional media including painting, drawing, digital and graphic arts, set design, Plexiglas sculpture, fashion design, fabric, and to the combination of forms and materials that define her current work.  

Vi Vona is drawn to the potential in disparate materials, tactile sensations, and by the process of deconstruction and reconstruction.  There is a unique interplay between chaos and order; craft, instinct, and the inspiration through which she brings each apiece to fruition. 

“Recent projects were, and are,  focused on salvaged and repurposed materials: cloth, paper and styrofoam. Especially: vintage quilt materials, hand painted fabrics old paper art and myriad  art supplies that I’ve held on to for years,” she explains.


The unconscious is at play when something catches my eye. A particular piece might be inspired solely by the materials themselves, or perhaps it’s the interplay of light and shadow in my studio on any given day.”


-  Linda Vi Vona with Deborah Mashibini-Prior

recent art work 2021

fabric 2018

fabric & paper...
a sampling...
All Sides Now 4.jpg

wood, fabric, prints 2019

together finally.jpg

foam core, fabric, prints 2020

paper quilt 5.jpg

wood, fabric, prints, paint foam core 2016


Harmonious Convergence no.2  2010
digital print fabric, embroidery 
 @ moon and dove gallery

HC 2 detail 4.jpg
HC 2 detail 6.jpg
HC 2 detail 9.jpg

represented exclusively

in the southwest@

moon & dove gallery

corrales, new mexico